Do you sell or repair cameras?

Camera Ready provides Strategic Communication services; we do not sell or repair camera equipment.

What do you mean by “Strategic Communication”?

What you say and how determines outcomes. Strategic Communication involves aligning your mission, vision, and target audience to achieve goals. Camera Ready works to establish and implement your communication strategy.

How do you provide Strategic Communication services?

Camera Ready’s proprietary process tailors services to each client’s needs.  The process can include:     


*Media Production
*Public Relations


Does “Camera Ready” have anything to do with art that’s design-ready for printing/publication?

Graphic Design and Commercial Printing are amongst the strategic communication services that Camera Ready provides.

Do you rent production gear?

Camera Ready provides media production services, but we do not rent or sell production gear.

Does Camera Ready provide services virtually?

Yes, Camera Ready provides services virtually and in-person. Each client is serviced for optimal efficacy.

What is the best time to call?

Because Camera Ready provides production, including live media, calls can prove disruptive. We prefer queries via email. Please use the form on the Contact page.

Is Camera Ready certified?

Yes, Camera Ready is certified as a Woman-Owned business, a Minority-Owned business and a Small Business.

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