About Us

Our Focus

Camera Ready not only readies organizations and individuals for the media. It also produces media and provides Strategic Communications service—aligning message(s) with mission, vision, and target audiences to achieve goals. What you say, and how, determines outcomes. Strategy matters. That’s our focus.

Our Services

The Camera Ready proprietary process includes Media Training, Crisis Media, Marketing, Public Relations, and Media Production—including Photography, Videography, Graphic Design, Social Media, Media Buying, Coaching, and Consulting.

Our ethos

Camera Ready has proven effective to such an extent that all growth has been organic. Though Advertising is a Camera Ready specialty, the company does not advertise to gain business for itself. Referrals and repeat customers have sustained profitability of the company CEO Rhonda Overby initially financed by trading equity derivatives.

Our Founder

Overby’s path has enabled Camera Ready to distinguish itself in myriad ways. For example, Camera Ready enjoyed the privilege of servicing clients before the company had a name. Overby served as a network television anchor, reporter, and producer before leaving to become an entrepreneur. Though she had accepted an offer at an investment firm, her high TV ratings led executives to seek her communications skills after she left news, to the extent as to necessitate the formation of an organization.

Our Name

While building what became Camera Ready, Overby was cast to portray a reporter on an award-winning, prime time network television series, which led to movie roles in Hollywood. There, when assistants would lead her to the set upon the director’s request, the question would arrive via Walkie Talkie, “Is she camera-ready?” meaning in wardrobe, with hair and makeup done, ready to hit her mark and do the scene. The term, “camera-ready,” struck Overby as an appropriate name for the company.

Our Distinguishing Advantages

The award-winning artists with whom she worked on Academy Award-winning films are available to Camera Ready clients. The urgency instilled in Overby when coming of age in the competitive world of live network TV news compels the team today to not only deliver on-time and on-budget, but also with the consistent dedication to excellence demanded when millions can view in real time.


Certified as a Woman-Owned business, Small Business and Minority-Owned business, Camera Ready can help satisfy ESG – Environmental, Social and Governance, goals.

Experience the Camera Ready advantage: Mass Communicating Made Easy!

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